Sharpe Ratio optimisation / Asset allocation / based on Time series


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Hi everyone,

i'm a 23 year old student in finance and i wanted to know if some of you were familiar to that kind of exercise and if it is the case i would love to get a little help on an assignment that i'am struggling to finish.

I was given this spreadsheet with only the "price" part and i was told by the teacher to define an investing strategy based on time series momentum with the end goal to optimize my sharpe ratio.

But i've been struggling for the past week to achieve a good sharp ratio.

With my first attempt i reached a 0.21 sharp ratio with an allocation based on volatility, then switched to a inverse allocation strategy where i put more weight in the assets with less volatility and was able to reach 0.77 but the teacher said that we should at least reach 1,00 sharpe ratio which i have no idea how to reach.

Therefore i was wondering if anyone could take a look at my excel sheet and give me their thought on what could be improved.

Here is the link to my excel sheet


My different steps
1)Computed the returns
2)i took 4 signals, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months signals.
3)Computed the Master signal (sum of all the signals)
4)Turned it into a Weighted master signal
5) computed the volatility
6) decided to set an allocation strategy (equal weight vol or inverse vol)
7) Computed the Sharpe Ratio.