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Should I go for MS or take up job at an IB (top-4) in London?

MS or job in London

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Hi - for background, I am based in a 3rd world country and the bank I work for is willing to transfer me to their London office. This would mean a huge bump in pay (and savings) for me, even after considering cost of living in London. But I also have an admit from Columbia for MS in Data Science course, the deadline for whose deposit (2500 USD) is 15th April 2020. I primarily want to go for MS so that I could try going into trading firms in quant based role, which should be moderately achievable target if I go to Columbia - given that there are so many firms in NYC. I did some cost analysis, Columbia will cost me 90k in tuition + living expenses , the summer internship will reduce it by 30k, but if I add the potential savings of 1.5 years work in London, this MS would result in total downfall of 170k USD. I am already 3-4 years experienced so I am expecting total comp of about 120k GBP (including bonus). My current profile is quantitative developer, so its not quant related but I can try in London after 1.5-2 years for trading firms. However, I am afraid if they will consider me (even with reduced pay) for quant roles after my total 3+2 years at a bank in non-quant role.
What do you think? What should I do? Feel free to point out if any of assumptions are wrong.
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