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Baruch MFE Sorry Harvard and Yale, Trading Whiz Kids Are at Baruch College - Wall Street Journal 5/11/2017


Baruch MFE Director
Brief notes on media coverage of trading competition with by Baruch College undergraduate students and Baruch MFE students

Trading Competition Results:

UChicago 2017: 1. Baruch 2. NYU 3. Princeton
Rotman International Trading Competition 2017: 1. Baruch 2. UCalgary 3. Luiss
Traders@MIT 2016: 1. Baruch 2. Baruch 3. Baruch 4. U Chicago 5. Dartmouth
UChicago 2016: 1. UChicago 2. Baruch 3. Dartmouth
Rotman International Trading Competition 2016: 1. Baruch 2. Luiss 3. UCalgary
Traders@MIT 2015: 1. MIT 2. Baruch 3. Dartmouth 4. Princeton 5. Baruch

Media coverage summary:

- online:
Wall Street Journal: Sorry Harvard and Yale, Trading Whiz Kids Are at Baruch College

MarketWatch: If it ain’t Baruch…Trading whizzes at the public college crush Harvard, Yale students

- in print (5/11/2017):
WSJ US: ``Hey, Harvard, Baruch College Just Ate Your Lunch"
WSJ Europe: ``In competitions, Harvard, MIT teams take back seat to public Baruch College" (front page, Markets Section)
WSJ Asia: ``In competitions, Harvard, MIT teams take back seat to public Baruch College" (front page, Markets Section)

- television:
CNBC "Closing Bell" 5/11/2017:

Nation's top trading club comes from New York public college


Facts, not hype.

And you are insulting a lot of talented students and their hard work and dedication which is inexcusable.
Dan, let me start off by saying you're probably the best director in these financial engineering programs. I wish my program's director was like you. You really work to help your students get the best jobs possible. But these self promotions look desperate. Leave it for others to talk about praise Baruch. Don't throw this info at us.


If you think top BBs are going to hire Baruch over HYP. Try harder.

Point of an MFE is to do quant work -- most HYP undergrad wouldn't be as good at quant as MFE. Also, if the role is trading related and there is a group of candidates like the Baruch students who spent a lot of time modeling and researching for a trading competition and won, that looks pretty good. Shows that they're passionate about it and were able to reverse engineer certain rules, even if it's simulated. Not sure what your problem is that makes you so condescending here.