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Spend time improving GRE Score or work on project to enhance my profile?

I current have the following GRE score that I took almost 2 years ago and is wondering whether it would be better to spend my time doing something practical rather than relearning basic materials for the GRE again. I would like to apply to FE course which is heavier on the computation side, so I'm thinking that a possible project could be to work on a machining learning stock valuation model. My top choices are CMU's MSCF and Columbia's MSFE program, with Georgia Tech's QCF and University of Washingtong's CFRM as the safer options.

My current GRE scores:
Verbal: 159
Quant: 164
Writing: 3.5​

Other relevant facts:
GPA: 3.98/4.00
Education: Bachelor in Engineering from a Top University in Thailand
Work Experience: 2 yrs as a Software Engineer at a Financial Startup in Thailand working on a fundamental analysis system of publicly traded companies.
Passed CFA Level I
I would say retake it. GRE Quant scores have ticked up to the point where the 25th percentile of students accepted is full score of 170. Only a handful of admitted have 166-169 on Quant now. Your Quant score could be a liability for CMU and Columbia where the average Qaunt score is probably 169.x.

Your Verbal and Writing scores probably aren't good enough to make up for the relatively low Quant score. Your experience as a software engineer at a fintech startup is relevant, but not directly so like a S&T or research analyst role at a BB, HF, or prop trading firm. You would probably need every point you can get on the GRE as a result. The one good thing is the GPA from a top university in Thailand, but not sure how much weight admissions would place on that once your GPA is above a certain bar.
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