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COMPARE StonyBrook AMS Quant Finance vs Rutgers MSMF

StonyBrook AMS QuantFin vs Rutgers MSMF

  • StonyBrook AMS Quant Finance

  • Rutgers MSMF

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I'm confused to choose between the two. Rutgers MSMF is not ranked this year whereas Stony Brook is up in ranking this year and is ranked 20.

Stony Brook Fees: $40-45k
Rutgers MSMF Fee: $60-65k.
StonyBrook Seems better in terms of tuition fees. Advantage for me as I would be covering my CoA completely through loan.

Both are 3 semester courses. Both are close to New York. Both are very theoritical courses. Anyways I'm not sure about this and would like to hear more from you guys.

Rutgers is better in TIMES world ranking and reputation ranking whereas I don't see much difference in QUANTNET ranking.

Also, Would it be good idea as international student to start program in spring 2021 as there is uncertainity about economy and jobs? Given that I'll be full loan student.

Which one would be better from first job/career prospective?
@Andy Nguyen
I went to sbu undergrad and am currently at cmu mscf. The stats/applied math department at sbu is top notch and you will definitely learn a lot. Sbu would also be good if you would want you want to go for your phd in quant finance.I’m biased obviously but I truely believe that if you do well at stony that you can get a great job.