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Toronto MathFin U of Toronto MMF Question

Haha prepare for quizzes on top of writing an exam the day before and 2 hours after the interview should be a challenge. You think just generally math quizes on the pre-req courses?
I've never heard of such a process, perhaps its new due to the high number of applicants this year. I can't really tell you what to expect.. sry!
Dibbs HI, I am interested in UT's MMF programme, and do U know which college/department is in charge of this programme(Engineering, Mathematics or Economics or finance etc.). I could find the exact information on its website. THX~~
id be very interested in a toronto meet up as well since im considering the u of t mmf program as well so keep us posted :)
Any reason why people went to the UofT program instead of the UWaterloo program? It is a lot cheaper than the MMF in UT and you also learn more stuff, and you get to keep your own internship earnings...obviously the downside is you do not get to live in Toronto :)

P.S.: Disclaimer here, I turned down the MMF offer this year to go to the MQF program in Waterloo, but that is just me and I want to hear what others say about this...
Well I think the main reason for people preferring the MMF at U of T over Waterloo is because U of T is better known overall. Also I assume as a student you would prefer to live in a large city such as Toronto. The reason why I would prefer to get accepted in U of T over other places even in the States is mainly because my family lives in Toronto so I can avoid having any living expenses and at the same time avoid moving to another city. I have already lived in 5 cities in 3 different continents so I am a bit tired of moving around :). However i have heard excellent things about the Waterloo program, it is a school that has excellent program for the Maths and sciences and it always seem to produce well prepared students. Also on a sidenote I have a EU passport and want to keep my options open. I feel that if I were to move back to Europe and search for a job the U of T name would be more recognizable by employers than the Waterloo name even though I am almost positive they're both equally good programs.
T.H.: Make sense, I do agree Waterloo has do a lot better to make itself a bigger name internationally, but I guess only time could tell...
Also, i'm angry at their website. It is old and I think it gives a bad first impression of the program.
Looks like your cries were heard. http://www.mmf.utoronto.ca/
The CDN 17,000 internship tuition rebate is a very interesting concept.
Students who successfully negotiate an internship appointment, will have their tution fees reduced by the equal amount of the internship sponsor's fee paid to the Program.