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UCB MFE vs Columbia MFE

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Hello, I am a fresh undergrad just as you and I've received a recommendation for admission last friday for UCB. I've chosen to go there and rank it above all other programs I was admitted to for 1000 reasons. Let me share to you how I considered every aspect. California is an amazing place to live and I have no doubt it is the reason why so many people stay there and don't go to cloudy NY. Plus, there is no other MFE placing 9 students out of 60 at Morgan Stanley for instance which is amazing. When it comes to numbers, there is no rivalry for UCB. In addition, Shaghai rankings, graduate school rankings, quantnet rankings (if they mean something) will confirm those numbers.
Other point that may interest you, I have a bunch of friends enrolled at Columbia MFE and the majority of them were not able to find summer internship in IB because they lack professional experience (0 internship btw). The fact that UCB MFE starts in march is outstanding, you can do a 6 month off-cycle internship and... have the time to learn Hull's book by heart.
The career services seem absolutely amazing. Long story short, I had an issue with my application (it was sent to the MBA division by mistake), I contacted them and the discussions (and refund!!) were very smooth and straighforward.
I think I would get the same "WOW" from my friends when I say I go to Berkeley or Columbia, but I'm confident to say I'll enroll UCB next year ;)