UCLA MFE vs Rochester Economics vs UWM Economics

This is the first thread I post on Quantnet and I earnestly hope you may feel free to give recommendations and opinions about the following three programs: UCLA MFE+Rochester Economics+UWM Economics

Indeed, Quantnet is mainly a forum for financial engineering programs, whereas I also genuinely petition anyone who has insights of the other two ECON programs to share your comments. The brand-new Rochester program is small with only a few students, so it is supposed to be way more interactive and immersive regarding the guidance from professors and cooperation from peers, however it has really limited PhD placement records, while the much larger UWM program with nearly 100 students apparently has impressive past placements, despite it is said that it will be harder to obtain the resources that are accessible in the UR program. Needless to say, I would be more than grateful with your suggestions on the PhD placements and prospects of the UCLA MFE program.

By choosing and potentially going to one of the aforementioned programs, I primarily intend to pursue my PhD in Finance/Economics prospectively, while I also consider a career in the workforce assuming the UCLA MFE program, of course coupled with my own effort, could help me secure a job in the quantitative finance field. Would you please shed some light on this aspect?

In particular, I am pretty interested to learn any insider information, given someone happens to be a current student or a graduate of these programs.

Many thanks ahead of time!