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Undergraduate Advice


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Hi, I am currently a sophomore undergraduate student at a top 5 business school in Canada pursuing a dual degree in Commerce (specializing in finance) and Computer Science. My GPA is about 3.3/4.0 and I am hoping to get into an MFE program after my undergrad to pursue a career in quant trading. I have relatively good internship positions (interned in finance at a Big 4 accounting firm last summer) and have good prospects for this upcoming summer. I am involved with clubs on campus where I have experience developing my own trading algorithms and machine learning projects.
I know that my GPA is not the strongest but was wondering if I currently have any chances of getting into a good MFE program and what I can do over my next 2/3 years to strengthen my chances as much as possible? Also, do MFE programs generally look at all four years of undergraduate GPA or the last two years more heavily? Thanks,


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you're still a sophomore. try to bring it up to a 3.5. keep doing interesting projects and getting good internships. it's not rocket science (good GPA in challenging quantitative courses, good internships, good projects, good work exp), you just have to put in the work. i'm only saying this because i was the dummy who focused on everything except gpa and had to clean up for it afterwards