Using Linux - Mac Vs Windows Environment


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I read some post about using parallels on Mac. The reason I bring this agin is to understand are there any specific features of Visual Studio used in the course. I have a linux / make / gdb with boost env ready and available. I am very comfortable in programming / debugging and profiling C++ code using tools like Valgrind. I have an amazon virtual env with this eco system. So if I submit my home work of cpp and h files will it be an issue ? I am not used to Windows env at all. Sorry to ask a mundane question but needed clarification before I enroll in the course. I was thinking of setting up the environment before I enroll in the course so I am asking. Thanks

Daniel Duffy

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The course is standard C++. No proprietary features.

Visual Studio saves a lot of hassle, AFAIK it runs on Mac and Linux(?)