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What features would you like to see on Quantnet ?

@Andy Nguyen

Andy can we have an icon on the profile pop-up box indicating whether a person is online or offline? It's kinda shortcut to see if the member I am replying to is still there. Or does the list of online members contain all of us being currently online? Thank you
Hi Andy, inside my inbox I can only see the name of the person who started the conversation, and the last one reply, so sometimes it's difficult to see which person I sent message to without having to click each one individually. So it's nice to have the name of the participant on the conversation just bellow the title.
I might be missing something, but I keep getting emails every time someone responds to a thread that I've posted in, even though I've gone to settings and turned off "Preferences > Receive email notications of replies" and "Alert Preferences > Messages in Threads" (all options).
I like to see the alerts in the red at the top menu to show me who has replied to stuff, but all the emails are driving me nuts, so I'm obviously missing some setting... anyone help please?
I like to see the alerts in the red at the top menu to show me who has replied to stuff, but all the emails are driving me nuts, so I'm obviously missing some setting... anyone help please?
My guess would be on your "watched threads"
Click on Watched Thread link on the top navigation bar (next to What's New) and see which one you have watched there. You can unwatch/watch them again so the setting can take effect.

Additionally, you can watch a forum and get either email/alert/both notification when there is a new thread in that forum.
If it's still not working, send me a private convo and I will troubleshoot it for you.
I'm not sure if the following feature exists (I haven't noticed though) but would be really good to have a notification icon on a post which has been edited after the last reply. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm answering to a completely different question because the previous post has been edited after my reply. Also I've seen many posts like: "it's good to see how 'name' is playing with edit button", "have you edited the post?", "why did you delete the post?" etc. :)
There is no such feature (yet). I can disable the ability to delete and limit how long one can edit his own post but I rather give them more freedom. This problem only affects a small number of the member.
When people are posting/editing/quoting/replying in almost real time, you can't prevent the problem of something is outdated by the time you push that Send button.
In the future, I may get something to notify you when a new post has been added while you are writing a reply.
Thanks Andy. I agree, I have used those buttons sometimes like delete button when I occasionally missed the members name and posted to another thread.
Hi Andy. I don't know whether it's possible automatically add 'no' next to all other programs in the final destination section of tracker when the poster have already mentioned 'yes' for his/her chosed program. It'll be helpful for future applicants since not all posters have mentioned their final destination, and, therefore, blank spaces don't imply 'no'.
That's a reasonable suggestion but the downside is that the "Final Destination" column will be filled with "No" and it will be very hard for people to quickly search for the "Yes"

People are interested in the "Yes", not the "No" and we have a hard time to get people to update their Final destination.

Coding wise, it's a trivial thing to implement your suggestion but I hope whatever we do, would be to get users to pick a Yes first.
I got asked to "confirm" if I want to "like" a post, again. This time, I saved the HTML. How can I send it to you Andy? For some reason, I cannot upload it here.