Which degree should i choose?

I did my BSc in Physics and now I need to choose between two master's degrees. One is in physics, and one is in financial mathematics. Ultimately I want to end up in quantitative finance, so the latter would be more tailored to that, but it is in a city with a very high cost of living. The university for the physics master's is in my hometown, so the cost of living is minimal. Here I would also have the opportunity to additionally listen to 'Financial Mathematics in Continuous Time', 'Numerical Methods in Finance' and 'Modern Methods of Data Analysis'. Both universities are among the top 5 in Germany, but I think the financial mathematics one has a bit more international recognition.I now have to decide if it is worth taking out a loan to cover my living expenses and moving to do the degree in Financial Mathematics, or if I save the money and do a Master's degree in Physics with the additional lectures mentioned above.I am also considering doing a Phd afterwards.Any advice would be welcome.
Hi TheSearzes,

If you're strongly convinced you want to work in QF, then go to Financial Mathematics. Make a loan and invest money in you education. This is my opinion.