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Will a couple bad grades in math and cs strongly affect my chances?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to apply for a top MFE for fall 2017. I went to a solid state school on a full ride, majored in Finance and had two minors in Statistics and Computer Science (GPA 3.42). After graduation, I worked for a well-known Asset Manager as part of a two-year quant group rotational programs, which I’m about to finish up. Also passed level II CFA and Actuary Exam P.

The problem I have is that my grades in math and CS courses are kind of erratic. I got As and Bs on most of them, but I also messed up in a couple classes. Here’s a list of relevant classes (sorry for the long list, just want to provide a clear picture):

Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, DiffEQ I(B)
Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, DiffEQ II(A)
Probabilities and Statistics I (A)
Probabilities and Statistics II (A)
Probability Theory (B)
Mathematics of Finance (A)
Statistical Computing (B)
Object Orienteed Programing I (A)
Object Orienteed Programing I (B)
Algorithms (B)
Organization of Programming Languages (A, after retake)

Intro to Computer Systems (C)
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms (C)
Numerical Analysis (C)

Advanced Calculus (Real Analysis) (D)
Organization of Programming Languages (F), retook it and got A next semester

Sadly, my grades aren’t as good as I hoped for. The biggest screw-ups were the two courses with the D and the F. How much do you guys think these two courses can affect my application? I’d like to think that the other aspects of my application should be fine. I have a good mix of courses, I’ll study hard to get a good score on GRE, and my work experience and rec letters should be helpful. But will they compensate for that glaring ‘F’ and ‘D’ on my transcript? If not, is there any way I can show them that those grades are not indicative of my abilities (maybe take the GRE math subject test)?
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