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Joy Pathak
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  • Mr Joy Pathak can you send me the matlab scripts with respect to algorithm trading to my email id makamkkumar@gmail.com .
    May I inform you I am a learner and located in India so May I request you to provide me the permission to use in India.
    can you plz give me the address of the building (or the e-mail address of the landlord) of that Chicago studio apt near the JHC which you were considering? I want to see what they might have for my daughter who is an intern at the JHC.
    Hi,sir. I am applying PhD scholarship. University said that they are very excited if i apply PhD Financial Engineering. I had background for finance with BSc Banking and Finance and Master in financial management in London. Actually, i didnt study subjects in maths in university(GRE OR GMAT... I HAVE NEVER KNOWN IT). But I think i am not too bad about maths when i was in high school.
    I dont understand why they saw my transcript and suggest about this program. Would you mind to tell me basic about subject: Financial Engineering. Is this suitable for a girl, and is it difficult for person who dont study a lot of maths to study?
    Thanks a lot and hope to see your reply.
    Hi Joy,
    I am looking for something to startup algorithmic trading from home.
    I'm a computer science engineer, and i have a comfortable knowledge of both worlds.
    But, I'd be really greatful if you can help me bridge the gap and bring close these two worlds.
    Please reply @ kinley14@gmail.com. Please, please get me started.

    Thanks :)
    hello joy, i have received an admit for stuart IIT in MS finance. can you tel me current class size of the program.
    Hi Joy,
    I am MSF student Fall 2010 in IIT. Are you currently studying in IIT MSF?
    May I give you a call ? I got an offer from Rutgers, MQF and am not sure if it is wise to transfer to that program.
    hey Joy, hoping to get Ben's contact info from you? He's the other QN member from the Drucker School in Cali. Cheers!! -Diego
    Hi Joy,
    I'm an undergraduate student pursuing engineering. Could you tell me what all apart from the GRE score, recommendations are required to actually get an admit from a top ten institute. Like some research project or internship etc. I would be starting my third year of study so it would be kind of helpful.

    an eager student :)
    Hi Joy! Hope you're enjoying your time in NYC and Baruch. I've been offered admit to MSMF at BU and MMF at IIT Chicago and was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your experience with IIT. I'm quite confused since IIT is better located however, I've heard the career service sucks. I guess BU career service is not too flash either. Any help would be appreciated.
    Joy Pathak
    Joy Pathak
    I never went to IIT sorry. I was just debating about it.
    hi joy, i hav received admits from CGU(MSFE) and IIT(chicago). can u suggest me which univ i shud go 4 as deadline for CGU is 1st may..
    Joy Pathak
    Joy Pathak
    I am not sure. You will have to compare them by urself by finding out which places better.
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