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Andy Nguyen
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  • Hello, Andy. I am currently working as an asst. actuary in Reins. and was planning on moving to a HF as a quant. Hence, I was wondering which certification would be useful for someone working at a HF as a quant. I am considering doing either the CFA, FRM, or PRM. Which certification(s) would you suggest? Also, do you think it would be a good idea to also work towards a FSA-Quantitative Finance and Investment track?
    Hi Andy,...I got denied Masters in Mathematical Finance at IIT but got admit into MS Finance at IIT. Also got admit from Stevens MS in Financial engineering..I wanted to become a trader after the course...please guide me to which course to take...in the above 2 in terms of cost, living expenses and most importantly trader job prospects after graduation assuming I perform well in graduation ?...Thanks...
    Hi Andy! I am new in the quantitative finance world. I send you a message and was wondering if you could give me little guidance. Thanks soo much!
    HI, andy, I have applied Bu math fin at 2/5/2015, but I got an email at2/20/2015 that they said my application has not yet been processed. But one person I know who applied at deadline already got an interview. So does that mean I have already rejected? Does that make sense?
    Hey Andy,

    Do you think you could implement an auto dictionary, like in WSO? We like to use abbreviations for more efficiency, but many noobs (I included) do not know all the abbreviations, if an auto dictionary were available, when people write abbreviations people can click on them and be directed to a dictionary page with the definition as well as the meaning of the abbreviation. I hope I'm making sense!
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    I know what you mean as I saw how it was used on WSO. I will see if it's feasible to make it here.
    evan guggenheim
    evan guggenheim
    Thanks Andy!
    Hi Andy! I sent you a message a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering if you got it by any chance as I need some guidance. Thank you so much!
    Hi Andy, I have written my questions in the forum could you give me your opinions about what I have written? Thank you very much
    hi, Andy, most mfe graduates are working in risk management in somewhere like insurance company. How is the life style? and the pay? thanks
    hi! Andy! I just started a conversation with you. Please check that. Thank you!
    Hi Andy I am just registered and I'd like to know some information about C++ online courses. Start date... Fees .. etc ?
    can you please give me some additional information ?
    thanks a lot
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    Hi Mat,
    Thanks for asking. Please see https://www.quantnet.com/cpp/

    You can enroll as soon as you make tuition payment. The tuition is $1,450 which you can get full refund within 14 days for any reason.
    Ask me any question you still have.
    Hi Andy, I just started a conversation with you. Please check that. Thank you!
    Hi Andy,
    Could you please read the message in the conversation I started with you? Really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.
    Hi. do you happen to have any sample questions on R and MATLAB programming asked at the interviews? I would appreciate it if you let me know.
    Hi Andy, USC-msmf, NYUPOLY-MFE, UMN-MSFM ,which one should I choose? HELP ME
    Hi Andy,
    Can you please help choose between Rutgers FSRM and SUNY Buffalo's MS Quantitative Finance?
    Which would be better in terms of getting a job and curriculum?
    Hi Andy, I would really appreciate some of your advice. I am about to graduate with a B.S. in Physics from smaller midwest university, and I really want to work in quantitative finance in Chicago. Based on your knowledge and expertise, would you say that I should get a M.S. in quant finance, or would I be able to find work in Chicago with my degree and experience in math an programming. Thank you in advance!
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