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  • hi Joy, I received an email from Univ. of Michigan that I have been recommended for MFE and will soon get a mail stating next steps and fee deposits etc. Their website states that they send an offer letter later *if selected*. What exactly is difference between *recommended* and *offered*? Is there chances that they reject candidate after sending *recommendation letter* ?
    Hi Joy! I am from India and just got admitted into the MQF Program at Rutgers.. whats ur personal feedback of this program at Rutgers?
    I am aspiring for Baruch MFE program .
    Thanks in advance.
    My email
    Hi Joy . I am a student from India ,completed my B.Tech from NIT Rourkela from Electronics discipline .Now working as a associate Consultant in Oracle financial services software company for around 6 months . I am very much interest for MS in Financial Engineering . Please suggest me how build my resume' application for this course .Thanks in advance .
    hi Joy, thanks for your message on thesis topic. I'm interested to work on a project, but I'm not living in the states. can it then be handled through web? if so tel me more details to see how fit I'm to the subject.
    thanks :)
    hey Joy:

    What was the info that you had about Postdocs in financial Engineering again (in Canada). Can you refresh my memory, I am graduating in May. Thanks
    hi Joy, we only have 6 questions this time, 2 for each. which ones you prefer?
    Hey Joy,
    I will be attending MS finance at IIT chicago in fall 2010. I read that you will be too. I was wondering if you could help me out with concentration selection and some general queries. I am currently in New Delhi, India. Please let me know. Thank you
    hi hi. i thought you are going to IIT? did i see that you have decided upon Baruch instead? -Chris
    I will make a blog post about inspiration behind independant research and so on soon.
    @To Oil or Not to Oil: Part One

    HI, found your article, very thoroughly written

    Needed ur advice.
    I would be joining FSU for Financial mathematics Program.
    I was keen on doing independent research just like you.
    Can you give a few notes on how to choose area of research & how to find information on that topic.

    This is Subhra (subhrain).

    I still havn't given up on the financial engineering thing and thought I should ask you couple ofm ore questions if you dont mind.

    When you joined IIT, how much of a math background did you have. To be honest I have all the calc and pde stuff and linear algebra and I really did not have any issues with the course either. But, currently I am taking a Probability theory course at BYU and I dont understand much of it. According to my professor the whole financial engineering thing is just that! So I am kind of scared.

    What do you think.

    Hi Joy,

    How are you doing? I saw your post about the IIT Master of Finance program. I need to ask for your insider knowledge about the difference between IIT Master of Finance vs Master of Mathematical Finance program.
    In addition, I believe both programs are 1.5 years long. How much is the estimated cost of living in Chicago for either of these two programs?
    Thank you if you can advise.

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