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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    Thanks man. I'm watching. Happy to answer questions as best I can.
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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    I need investment money or an equity partner I can trust. But I hope it is some time this year.
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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    I tried it twice, first when it was close to finished and then when it was finally released. The first time it just wouldn't compile my code properly and I spent a day trying to get it to compile before giving up and reinstalling 3. Now I have both versions installed but still only use 3. I...
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    Contemporary finance: a left-wing overview

    What makes it a left-wing overview?
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    Quant programs MUST CHANGE - Pablo Triana

    Simply adding a history course would go a long way. For example, a history of financial crises like MIT's OCW course. I'm not aware of any such course being offered as part of an MFE.
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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    FWIW, I made a blog post about app revenue models, and the Jagimo model specifically on my site:
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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    Thank you all for the kind remarks! And sorry for not posting a reply sooner :) Wheel, I haven't read those books but they seem like ways for the authors to make money, not the readers. Sure, anything is possible, even making thousands of dollars after releasing your first app. But that is far...
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    Preparing for the Next 'Black Swan'

    "... big declines known as "black swan" events" Just a note, the article implies that black swan events are negative. Black swans can be positive too, but of course it is hard to think of those these days!
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    Columbia and NYU arms race

    Wow. If you had a child this year, start saving that half a million for their education. Or, you could do the public university way, like Andy and I did (UCLA, Baruch).
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    From Financial Engineering to iPhone app development

    Table of content Starting at Baruch MFE The Birth of an App Idea App-lying Myself Time to Submit the App Marketing the App Free-style Conclusions Part 1 - Starting at Baruch MFE One day in July 2005 I called Dan Stefanica, director of the financial engineering program at Baruch College. I had...
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    MIT Blackjack Whiz - 'The House Advantage'

    I'm wary of gambling analogies for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that a casino game exists within a known universe of probabilities. I suppose as long as the rest of life plods along predictably we can, most of the time, live by a gambler's rules. Just beware of the Black Swan...
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    iPad, do you iWant?

    I have an iPad wifi/3G and can say: It does not replace my work computer (a desktop) because I cannot program on it and it is not good for writing large documents (maybe if I had the keyboard it would be better for that). It's the best way to use the internet. I don't use my laptop at all...
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    Wall Street increasingly favors Republicans: study

    Not since Clinton. Clinton quickly learned that being pro-Wall Street and pro BIG BUSINESS (nobody is pro small business) wins elections. Obama's biggest contributors were Wall Street right? The trend of big business capturing government started in the late 70's. Now, government is almost...
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    Anyone watching Wallstreet 2?

    You will be disappointed. The era of such great movies has ended. (Hope I'm wrong.)
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    12 Economic Bubbles That May Burst

    #6 is interesting. #8 is hilarious. I did hear something about the gun bubble a while ago.