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Recent content by zyz

  1. zyz

    Russian programmers

    I think you are severely underestimating Russian IT companies. One of the giants (not only in Russia) is Yandex, check it out.
  2. zyz

    CFA for Quant career

    You doing CFA now?
  3. zyz

    Background in Calculus Based Probability

    I have been thinking about taking Intro to Probability Theory through NetMath: Math 461: Introduction to Probability Theory | NetMath at Illinois Not sure if it satisfies CMU's MSCF admission committee.
  4. zyz

    My first year of undergrad maths - experience

    Are you doing it online? Part time or Full time?
  5. zyz

    Strong in Math Weak in Programming!! Can I Still Dream?

    Congratulations! What would you recommend for a Math paranoid with Calc I/II, Linear Algebra, and Intro to Probability? Where/how can one start (resources)?
  6. zyz

    Waterloo QFRM

    Bump Is this online program still alive? Has anybody taken it?
  7. zyz

    COMPARE UT MMF V.S. Waterloo MQF

    Hi @DessertStation and @RandomAnalysis Have you guys decided where to go? Can you please share your profiles?
  8. zyz

    NYU Tandon MFE v UCLA Anderson MFE v Imperial RMFE

    Marchi, sorry for the threadjack, but how is the job market in Canada right now? What companies would you apply if you would like to work in Toronto?
  9. zyz

    Quants in Canada

    Can anybody who has worked at Canadian Pension Funds, Asset Management, and/or Banks as a portfolio risk/market risk analyst share their experience?
  10. zyz

    To be a quant, which area should I choose for Math PhD study?

    If you are already in a PhD program, then don't listen to those who are saying its useless. It is useful. But you will have to know how to make it useful. Obviously there are different types of HFs and different types of jobs. Keep monitoring the job market and develop the required skills.
  11. zyz

    Quant QF/MFE vs. Data Science Analytics DSA

    Neither. Get CS degree.
  12. zyz

    Learn SQL

    Bump. Any good resources out there? Also, I was just wondering if installing MySQL would be a better option than MS SQL for a beginner.
  13. zyz

    Stripping down the robo-advisors: sparrow-brains inside

  14. zyz

    Stripping down the robo-advisors: sparrow-brains inside

    Some time ago you claimed that you are making profit because you can tolerate high drawdowns. If this was the case, how are you still being able to show better volatility than the index?