2019 MFE admission roll call


C++ Student
Admits: NYU Tandon (11K$ Scholarship), Chicago MSFM (35K$ Scholarship), CMU MSCF (21K$ Scholarship), -- Non Quant: Oxford Mphil Economics, UMichigan MSOR,
Rejects/Waitlist: Princeton (didn't even get an interview, oh well), Columbia (Waitlist)
Pending: Berkeley MFE (R2 application)
Joining: CMU MSCF


New Member
Admits: UCB MFE, UCLA MFE, Uchicago FinMath (70% scholarship), UCB MIDS, Upenn MCIT, WUSTL MSDAS
Rejected: CMU MSCF, Brown DSI
Joining: not determined yet between Uchicago and UCB - appreciate any advice (very late applicant so only applied for 4 finance programs and missed most of the programs' deadline)