2019 MFE admission roll call

Admits: NYU Tandon (11K$ Scholarship), Chicago MSFM (35K$ Scholarship), CMU MSCF (21K$ Scholarship), -- Non Quant: Oxford Mphil Economics, UMichigan MSOR,
Rejects/Waitlist: Princeton (didn't even get an interview, oh well), Columbia (Waitlist)
Pending: Berkeley MFE (R2 application)
Joining: CMU MSCF
Admits: UCB MFE, UCLA MFE, Uchicago FinMath (70% scholarship), UCB MIDS, Upenn MCIT, WUSTL MSDAS
Rejected: CMU MSCF, Brown DSI
Joining: not determined yet between Uchicago and UCB - appreciate any advice (very late applicant so only applied for 4 finance programs and missed most of the programs' deadline)
As admission decisions start to come in, let's get a tradition going here so we can share the programs we applied, the admits/rejects we received and the program we are ultimately joining.
Let's keep the format uniform and discussions on their separate programs threads. Please share details on each application timeline on the Tracker.
Below is an example.

Admits: MIT MFin, NYU Tandon MFE, CMU MSCF with 20K scholarship, NYU FinMath
Rejects: Baruch MFE, UCB MFE, Princeton MFin
Pending: Rutgers
Joining: CMU MSCF
Will there be another version of this thread for 2020?
Rejects/Waitlist: -
Pending: -
Joining: UCB MFE
Hey.. What were your credentials like? I am also planning UCB MFE. Also, which cohort did you apply in UCB? I am plannnig in 3rd cohort. Does that impact my chances?
Admits: CMU MSCF, Columbia MathFin, GATECH QCF, NYU Tandon MFE, BU, USC
Rejects: MIT MFin, Columbia MFE, NYU Courant, UChi, Cornell Meng
Pending: UCLA
Joining: CMU