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2020 MFE admission roll call

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Admits : Boston MathFin with 15k Scholarship, Columbia MAFN
Rejects : /
Pending : Columbia MFE
Joining : Columbia MAFN

Big preference for living in NY that's why I applied to few programs (I was planning to also apply to Chicago and MIT but when I got the letter from Columbia I stopped my applications).

Still waiting some news from the MFE program but at this stage I don't really believe in it haha
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Admits: NYU MFE with 8k scholarship, Columbia MAFN, Cornell MFE, UChicago MSFM with 35% scholarship, CMU MSCF, WUSTL MSFQ, MIT MFin, NYU FinMath
Rejects: Princeton MFin, Stanford MS&E
Pending: Columbia MSFE
Joining: Deciding between CMU MSCF and MIT MFin (Glad to hear any suggestions from anyone!!)
my view : CMU's better if you want to improve your programming skills/hard quant skills, MIT is better if you are strong in math/CS and need more finance-related education.
Both are great, don't stress too much !
Admits: UCB MFE, UCLA MFE 10k Scholarship , NYU MFE 8k scholarship , USC MFin 15k Scholarship, GA Tech QCF
Rejects: MIT, CMU, Stanford MS&E
Pending: Cornell MFE, Columbia MFE, Yale MMS
Joining: Deciding between UCB MFE vs Columbia MFE (in case I get in). Please share your views.
Wow u have alot of scholarship! Your profile must be very competitive :)
Admits: Cornell FE, Georgia Qcf, Uwash Cfrm
Rejects: ETH QF , EPFL FE, NYU Tandon FE
Pending: UCB MFE, Columbia MSFE
Joining: Cornell FE.( Still haven’t accepted, applied for UCB Round 2. Waiting for any response)

Should I wait more or go on and accept Cornell?
Admits: CMU MSCF ($21k scholarship), U of T MMF
Rejects: MIT MFin
Pending: N/A
Joining: CMU

For personal reasons, I only applied to three programs this year so I picked three that I wanted to go to and felt I had a decent shot at
Admits: CMU MSCF, Cornell FE, NYU MFE w/ 8k scholarship
Rejects: Columbia MFE, NYU MathFin, Oxford MCF
Withdrew: MIT MFin
Joining: CMU MSCF
Admits: Georgia Tech qcf, CASS London School
Rejects: UCL
Pending: London Business School, Warwick university, king's college London
Joining: unsure
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Admits: Georgia Tech, University College London
Rejects: UCL
Pending: London Business School, Warwick university, king's college London
Joining: unsure
What’s the program at University College ? From what I heard it’s a good place.
It's a very generic uni not very famous for anything in particular from what I've heard.
Admits: CMU MSCF, Columbia MathFin, GATECH QCF, NYU Tandon MFE, BU, USC
Rejects: MIT MFin, Columbia MFE, NYU Courant, UChi, Cornell Meng
Pending: UCLA
Joining: CMU
Admits: UCLA, Uchicago, Rutgers MQF, Stevens MFE (20k Scholarship), RPI (22k Scholarship), Simon Rochester (30 % scholarship)
Rejects: MIT Sloan, CMU, Columbia, NYU-Tandon
Pending: none
Joining: Uchicago

Undecided on deferring or continuing this year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Admits: GaTech QCF
Rejects: Columbia MFE, CMU MSCF, UChicago FM, NYU Courant Math Fin
Pending: None
Joining : GaTech QCF

Don't know about future career prospects after QCF. Please help.
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