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Baseball season is up on us

How about that Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes? =D>
They are too young. Hughes is the youngest pitcher in the majors. They took a bet and it hasn't worked out. Hopefully it works out better later.
Intro to Baseball

As an international student, I never made an effort to appreciate the game, pre-Wikipedia.
With wikipedia now, one can read up on the basics and try to follow them in a match.
I have a very basic and perhaps silly question.
It is my turn to bat. Teammate one is in 1st base, teammate 2 is in 2nd base, teammate 3 is in 3rd base. If I hit a home run, my team will be up by 4 points since myself, teammates 1,2, and 3 will complete a tour of the bases to the home base?
Wikipedia is not very clear on this.
no baseball question is silly. Yes, you are correct. If you hit a homer with the bases loaded, your team scores 4 runs 3 people on base plus you.

There are many facets of the game which you can pick up only by watching. Why pitchers elect to throw certain pitches on certain counts...the methodology behind the batting order...are things which took me some time to truly understand. There still plenty of things I probably don't know about the game, so like Alain said, there is no silly question.

Also, one of the most important things about baseball is to never root for the Yankees. :D
Giambi, Jeter, and Damon can share the thong all they want. It still doesn't solve the fact that the yankees are under 500 and last place in the AL-East. Speaking of which, how about that thumping from the Mets last night! :dance::D
yankees are horrible so far. My opinion is they are in a rebuilding year so if they end up in the play offs, it's all gravy... but I won't jump to another team. I live and die by my team.
it's a team in flux.

but as for being in last place, that's never stopped the Yankees from getting into the playoffs before. It's a high performance team; it takes time to tune.

Giambi, Jeter, and Damon can share the thong all they want. It still doesn't solve the fact that the yankees are under 500 and last place in the AL-East. Speaking of which, how about that thumping from the Mets last night! :dance::D
Monday night Jon Lester pitched a no-hitter for Boston in Boston. This was the 18th no-hitter in Red Sox history and the first no-hitter by a Boston lefty since Mel Parnell did it in 1956. But this is not the amazing part.

20 months ago, Jon lester was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma (cancer). He came back in the middle of last year and ended up pitching the fourth and final winning game of the World Series. Now he's thrown a no-no.

Btw, Mel Parnell is also a cancer survivor.

That was one hell of a performance.
I doubt it, but we'll see. The season is now starting to become interesting.
Manny is kicked out of the Redsox Nation. Nice, eh?
Looks like the fortune is turning in favor of the Yankees Universe.

YTD, once you factor in park effects, Bay is only a very slight downgrade in terms of offensive performance... Also, he's much cheaper, which will afford the Sox some more flexibility this off-season (assuming they were to pick up Manny's option).

EDIT: It seems the Red Sox are paying 7 million of Manny's remaining salary, which is pretty much all of it. So scratch that argument.
The Red Sox had no chance of making the playoffs *with* Manny IMO. It was a total distraction since the ASB, and contributed to the 4-8 record since. I don't think bos or nyy have the goods this year, but who knows. Go Rays!
Baseball? Pfft...Hockey and Soccer are where it's at! At least those games have more go than they have stop >_<.

The NFL also but that's just to see the o_O Brady Bombs and such.

In the meantime, um...for now, it's GO PHILS! =P...once I get a job in NYC, then maybe it'll be go Yankees (WTF?! Unthinkable!)

Anyhoo, feel free to bash and flame teams here! (>_<)

Anyone play fantasy sports BTW? I'd think quants would be good at it.
Anyone watch game 5 of the ALCS? I know most of you here are yankees fans, but game 5 was one hell of a come back.

If the Sox end up winning the ALCS, the come-back will rival a certain series a few years ago...