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Build and Debug Excel add-in using XLW Project and Visual Studio 2022 C++

Dear All,

I am creating an Excel add-in using the XLW project on GitHub in Visual Studio 2022 C++.

I have done the following:

Create a solution MyFunction which contains two projects MyFunction and XLW.

In MyFunction, Configuration Properties -> General -> Configuration Type is set to Static Library.

In MyFunction,

#pragma once

double EchoDouble(double x);

#include "my_header.h"

double EchoDouble(double x)
    return x;

In XLW, the XLW package is installed via NuGet Package Manager, and
  • Configuration Properties -> General -> Configuration Type is set to Dynamic Library.
  • Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Additional Include Directories is set to the folder which contains the solution.
  • Configuration Properties -> Linker -> General -> Additional Library Directiories is set to the folder which contains MyFunction.lib.
  • Configuration Properties -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies is set to MyFunction.lib.
#ifndef TEST_H
#define TEST_H

#include <xlw/MyContainers.h>
#include <xlw/CellMatrix.h>
#include <xlw/DoubleOrNothing.h>
#include <xlw/ArgList.h> 
using namespace xlw;


double MyEchoDouble(double x);


#include "cppinterface.h"
#include "MyFunction/my_header.h"

#pragma warning (disable : 4996)

double MyEchoDouble(double x)
    return EchoDouble(x);

MyFunction is built first and then XLW. Load the generated add-in XLW.xll in Excel and MyEchoDouble works.

To debug, I can do Debug -> Attach to Process -> Attach to Native code and select the Excel instance. It works fine.

Alternatively, I do
  • Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> Command is set to the path for EXCEL.EXE
  • Configuration Properties -> Debugging -> Command Arguments is set to $(TargetPath)
  • Set XLW as startup project.
Press F5, I get the error message:

Exception Thrown​

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFE8496B74B in EXCEL.EXE: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000000.

Frame not in module​

The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location.

My questions are
  1. Is the way I set up the projects correct? What I want to achieve is that all functions are implemented in MyFunction project. Then corresponding Excel functions are done in XLW project, and the add-in is generated by the XLW project.
  2. What went wrong with the alternative debugging method?
Really appreciate any advice and suggestion. Thank you all.

FYI, this is a repost of the same question on StackOverflow here.