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certification after a PhD necessary?


New Member
Hello, So I am persuing a PhD now in Theoretical computer science and should be finishing in the coming year. I have a masters in mathematics and bachelors in engineering. I work on various aspects of quantum computing, machine learning and since my work is theoretical, its pretty mathematical in nature and involves good amount of coding.

I have a vague background in Quant/Finance, and I plan to work on building a stronger grip on the subject by looking at various links provided by Andy Nyugen. My question is, do you people think a CQF (which I think is better than CFA for a quant based future) necessary for me to obtain in the course of next one year? Or is just a PhD (along with self grown knowledge) enough to "impress" a prospective employer for a quant trader?

Any suggestions are welcome.


Older and Wiser
this is my very personal opinion. The CFA will open more doors than any other schooling.