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I want advice on one thing, is it really necessary to do CFA if I'm aiming to become a Strat/Quant post MFE or should I focus more on math, statistics, and programming skills? CFA is a long-term commitment. Will this certification going to help me in the MFE program and after MFE?


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It is not necessary. The CFA Program will provide a solid foundation of traditional finance at an approximately graduate level across the three levels, but will not be in any way a meaningful preparation for what the focus of many MFE/MSFM programs entail.

With that said though, it is unlikely that holding the CFA charter will hurt you in applying for MFE programs. If anything, it will help but to what extent depends on the actual program (for example, UCLA’s MFE program looks for applicants who hold or are pursuing the CFA charter). I suspect that post-MFE, holding the CFA charter again can’t hurt you in the job hunting process.

Mathematics and programming are of course necessary, though! These should be your complete focus. If you have spare time and are interested in studying more “traditional” finance, then the CFA program might help in this regard.

Full disclosure, I hold the CFA charter. Best of luck!
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Hmm, I cannot agree with Peter M any more, I got a master degree in Finance, and now prepare the CFA Level 3 in 2019. Yeah, I think all the CFA contents are covered in the undergraduate and graduate currulium, of course, it may bring some benefits for the MFE programs interview, and contribute to being a PM in stock and bond. However, if you have limited time, the CFA should not be a priority for MFE application

Joy Pathak

No need for CFA for quant job but if you are going for buyside and want to focus on more analyst/PM jobs then many shops like to see CFA on your resume.


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i did mba in finance from pakistan. im perplexed that whether i shall choose cfa, ms in finance, business analytics. or master in risk management or any other degree which helps in job market.because you know mba finance from pakistan has no value in united states. im weak in quant. need advice.if u advice me any other options it will will nice of u.