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COMPARE CMU in New York vs UCB

I'm an Italian guy with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Management and I just got admission to CMU in New York, while I'm still on hold status for UCB. CMU wants a quick answer and I'd like to have your opinion about the 2 programs, considering I've been admitted to New York and that being Italian, I'd like to keep open the option of moving back to Europe one day, even if the US market is my goal. Then, given my undergraduate studies + all quant prep I've done in these months (Coursera ML, C++, PDEs etc.), which program could be a better fit for me? Thanks!
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First thing you should do is email Berkley and let them know you have new information, that is, you have been accepted into CMU and ask tactfully if if it is possible to review your hold status again.
Done and waiting for an update. Apart from this, do you have any thoughts? Thank a lot
If it were me, a future applicant? I would wait until I hear back from Berkley and try and gather as much information as I can, but I wouldn't wait long. If it came down to it and I was running out of time on CMU's decision, I would take CMU. I'm not going to risk losing out on a guarantee at a top 5 program over the possibility that a hold gets converted to an acceptance at another top 5 program, and this is irrespective of other differences that I would deem irrelevant only when compared to this main factor. (full disclosure though, I will be applying to Berkley soon.) They are both excellent schools and I believe both have curriculum that offer great flexibility in your future career, as going into tech after one of these programs is a real possibility as well, but for more fine tune details about the programs you are better off hearing from alumni or someone currently attending Berkley or CMU. They could speak more freely to how the programs are viewed internationally and give you a better idea of what to prioritize when making your decision. This will be more reliable as opposed to anything else I can give insight on. My opinion is strictly based off one factor, that is, I value these schools fairly equally and would not wait long on one for the other.
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If it really came down to it and you haven't heard from UCB by the deadline for CMU, I'd suggest accepting CMU. If you get admitted to UCB after paying the deposit for CMU, it'd be a tougher decision whether you could justify losing the deposit, but I think it's better than losing the offer from CMU and not getting accepted by UCB.

I did a similar thing, I paid Columbia's deposit before hearing back from Princeton/CMU/NYU, and it turned out all three of them rejected me.
I’m a cmu nyc student so one thing I would have to say is to consider that our program is 1.5 years vs uc Berkeley is a 1 year program. I think that a 1.5 year program has its advantages in helping you digest the material and would definitely consider that when choosing the two schools.
i'm a ucb student, i suggest you connect berkeley's office immediately about your admission by cmu, it's really useful (from my experience)
For choice, both are very good, you'll not regret your choice
i think the hard part isn’t not having a PhD or IMO medal, it’s that PhD’s and math olympiads tend to do better in the brainteaser type interview questions
I don't think PhD's tend to do better on brainteaser interview questions. The brainteaser questions are rather rudimentary and typically involve K-12 or first year undergrad math knowledge to solve, much of which is a distant memory and not used throughout a typical STEM PhD. Without preparation, I can confidently say that I would do better on brainteaser questions coming out of high school and college than coming out of a PhD.
Consider the current pandemic, UCB is a better choice. UCB will start next March and the situation may become better. From what I know, CMU doesn't accept deferral and the fall semester will be fully online.