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COMPARE Columbia MFE or Oxford MsCF

Columbia masters in financial engineering or Oxford masters in mathematical and computational finance? I was admitted to both and am a US citizen so I should have little issue applying for jobs afterwards and finding internships in between. In the past two years the Oxford comp finance program has dropped in acceptance rates by more than half while Columbia hovers at about the same acceptance rate if not a little higher. The Oxford program shows good placement opportunities but no specific details. This is similar to Columbia in terms of not showing the actual number of students ending up at each specific firm and showing just the percentage of each job type and the names of the firms. Can anyone shed light on either program if you attended? Mainly for Columbia MFE I would be interested to hear how easy it was to find a job at a hedge fund vs quant research or an algo trading position at an investment bank
Thank you for posting this question. I also got admitted to Oxford MSMCF and would be thankful for more insight into their
placement records with details regarding industry, job position, location, etc.