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eFX Quant Developer, Market Making

Hi Quantnet,
We are looking for a seasoned quant-developer to join our team to grow our market-making capability in eFX, and Precious Metals.

We currently price FOREX from a proprietary high-performance c++ FIX engine to ECNs and Institutional clients primarily on a markup basis (non risk-taking).
We have tech located in Ny4 & Ld4 and cross-connected to most major venues & counterparties.
We currently do a small amount of risk taking with a very basic bucket-based inventory system.
We do not have strong in-house quantitative capability.

We are looking for a quant developer who has in-depth experience building all the components needed to run a successful market making strategy, and can work with the tech team here to built it out - with a focus on pricing high volume FX majors during busy market periods.
The candidate should have prior experience working in a real world market making team running profitable strategies on FOREX, Futures, or Equities. If the candidate is from a specialist market-making firm rather than a big bank this is preferable.

What we’re offering is something that should be attractive to someone with experience, and intentionally unattractive to someone who doesn’t have it. This is not a research position for someone who has simply read through the market-making literature and thinks they can figure it out as they go along.
Base salary will be very basic (if you don't have experience you'll make better money elsewhere and this would be a waste of time).
The main compensation will be from profit share which would be something along the lines of 50% up to 500k. 25% up to 1M. 15% 1M+. Open to discussion.

If interested please send PM.
Also interested for feedback on the above from anyone currently working in a market making team if you have any general comments / suggestions.
This is a greenfield project and not feasible for somebody who has not been there, done that, as this will be a new business line for our firm.