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Face masks?

sorry andy after the breaking news of the 15th confirmed local case in the us and the 1st without clear trace of origin i will keep the masks to myself

hope its not armageddon and everyone be safe
I will know who is the curpit if number of people jumping off balcony in NYC suddenly increases.
Stay safe there in NYC. With the public transist, it is a matter of time.
I truly hope this will be blown over in a few months.
If you're not used to wearing a mask for extended periods of time, you probably want to get used to not touching your face too often. Some people (probably unconsciously) touch their faces more often when they wear masks, to fix and reposition the mask every now and then, scratch here and there, and whatnot without washing/wiping their hands first. If you happen to be like that, a small bottle of sanitizer in your pocket all the time would be a good idea.
To put things in perspective, this virus isn't the bubonic plague in terms of mortality rates. Also, as the chart below indicates, it affects older people disproportionately and particularly older people who have other respiratory problems or who are smokers.

I'll become concerned when there are tens of thousands of fatalities in the 20-50 age group in the USA.

Jim Kunstler's latest bit of upbeat news. He lives in upstate New York.

The action in my local supermarket yesterday had an undercurrent of stealth desperation; no overt panic buying, no fighting in the aisles, but an edge of suspense. Personally, I cleaned out an entire product-line of cat food, loaded up on cooking oil, rice, dry beans, and evaporated milk — and I wasn’t the only one checking out with the sixteen-roll bindle of toilet paper. Obviously, many products were still there on the shelves to get (minus that cat food). Is the time perhaps at hand when a lot of stuff won’t be? Just sayin’.

From one of my favorite blogs:

Although the total number of confirmed cases worldwide – 85,403 – is tiny, it is the rate of growth which makes it alarming. The doubling time appears to be somewhere between 3 and 5 days. The same pattern also seems to occur in individual countries. To begin with, just one or two case are confirmed; and these are all people who have recently returned from a known affected area. Initially, the disease control agencies seem to have the condition under control. But a few new cases – also people that have returned from affected regions – continue to pop up. And then the condition spreads to people who have not travelled themselves, but have had contact with someone who has. A tipping point is reached when the first case is confirmed of a person who has neither travelled nor been in contact with anyone who has travelled. This occurred here in the UK on the weekend. If the UK follows the pattern seen in Italy and across Asia, we can expect the numbers to grow rapidly from this point (as I am writing, the BBC is reporting a further 12 confirmed cases).

This is a common flu, and people always get sick. Nobody has paid any attention to other flu before, but then they decided to turn everything into a farce and make money.

Remember when outbreaks happened in Itlay, New York, Wuhan etc? Hospitals were overwhelmed: elective surgeries/examinations canceled, doctors/nurses shorted-handed and tired, beds filled. When a hospital is filled with COVID-patients, those who need serious medical care essentially have no access to a hospital. Not to mention the horrible amount of deaths and trauma that have already occurred.

Common flu doesn't do this. You can check the estimated number of deaths/infections from common flu each year on cdc.gov. It's all public data.
Does anyone know where to get hold of N95 face masks? They seem to be all sold out.
A couple of nights ago I saw in CNN Dr Sanjay Gupta using this mask,

do you think it is worth to buy it?
what is the message when they target an item as Amazon Choice?
do you think it is worth to buy it?

I bought some P100 masks four months back but have never used them. I use some flimsy and disposable masks at the moment, which I'm sure are ineffectual -- but I wear them so as not to earn any public disapprobation or ostracism.
I bought some P100 masks four months back but have never used them. I use some flimsy and disposable masks at the moment, which I'm sure are ineffectual -- but I wear them so as not to earn any public disapprobation or ostracism.

its a joke to read about PPE shortages in Texan in July. Despite what happened in NY, none of the red states bothered to stock up.

A good cloth mask is protection enough - assuming everyone wears them. But given how politicised wearing an effing mask has become these days its best to protect yourself. Amazon US isnt stocking N95 since march as they didnt want to be caught selling it to public instead of healthcare professionals.
Have you looked for KN95 or N95 masks in countries less affected? Like Amazon UK or any major european country.