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Baruch MFE Fall 2009: Application and Admission Process

Instead of cold contacting current/former students, I was wondering if current/former students/applicants of Baruch MFE can share their experiences throughout the admission process. Also, how long did it take to receive your admission decision? How did your interview go with Dr. Stefanica?

Truth be told, most of the student profiles of the past three classes are quite intimidating and since my past performance and work experience are irreversible and incontestable facts and the letters of recommendation are out of my hands, what is one advice you'd give to current applicants? Thanks in advance.
Actually, no need to cold call students; if you contact the program they will give you a willing person to talk to.

I waited a month or two for an admissions decision; the interview was uneventful. Having compared notes with other students, the interviews can be quite varied.
Thanks for sharing the link and your experience Andy. It's unfortunate that my location can not afford me to waltz into the department tomorrow or sit in for a lecture. It seems many of you had personal contacts with the program as an applicant. Does Baruch have outreach events outside New York City?
I don't think Baruch has any plan for US cities tour marketing events like a few other programs out there that are under the business school. (UCB, UCLA)
If you are to apply to any program, it's always advisable to come visit the people there and talk to students, sit in the class. That's one way to get the real "vibe" of the program instead of looking at flashy website, brochures.
Take a vacation to NYC and kill two birds with one stone. The local economy can use some of your money here.
A good number of applicants are working, living in tri-state so it works out for lot of people. You can however join the monthly online chat with the director, one of which is coming up in Jan 8th, 2009.