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Greetings, all.

Hello, everyone. My name is Sebastian and I am a recent undergraduate transfer at Baruch. I became interested in Baruch's MFE program while doing research on Baruch before enrolling.

I discovered an article wherein the Dr. Stefanica, the program director, mentions a specific concentration offered under Baruch's Mathematics major, the "Mathematics of Finance" concentration, which specifically put together for the purpose of preparing students to enter a career as quants. (For anyone interested, the article can be seen here).

Being a recent transfer, I still have quite a few required "core curriculum" courses to fulfill, and I figured I would use this time to my advantage to see if I am, indeed, strong enough in mathematics to go all the way one day as a quant. I do love math but have yet to take my first calculus course (that'll change this coming Monday) and so have no real basis on wihch to project my future performance.

I look through this forum a lot (a lot!) and wanted to sign up in case I ever had any questions all the knowledgable people here could answer.

That's all from me for now. Thanks for reading!