Historical stock quotes in excel


I have two columns. Column 1 is all tickers and column 2 are various dates from 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. and I have a 1000 rows of them

Is there a way I can grab the prices using some excel function in column 3 for corresponding ticker and dates. So, a function something like: =price(ticker,date)

I tried using google finance but the way they output the quotes makes it harder to do for 1000 rows.


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You might consider consider coding this problem in C/C++ , it would be quite simple


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Here you go.

I made this spreadsheet a few years back and if I recall correctly I got a good portion of the VBA code from online so props to the original creator.




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There is a new provider of historical data since last August called Alpha Vantage.
I have managed to create an Excel Addin called Deriscope that retrieves data from that provider into Excel.
It is completely free. You can download it from Free Download Deriscope
and watch a video tutorial at