How good is my profile?

Thanks for taking time to have a look. Appreciate any advice!
I am a rising fourth year undergraduate in a top 50 university in US.
Major: Math, Computer Science
GPA: 3.9/4.0 math gpa: 4.0 cs gpa: 3.9
GRE: v162 q170
Work experiences:
mainly researches in school in math, which involves some machine learning and programming in Matlab/Python, for about a year
I am doing an internship in a quite well known VC company this year
Leadership experiences: Nothing worth mentioning really
Pros: I think my academics are good. Also solid programming skills.
close to nothing coursework in finance (only 1 or 2 economic/management course, and I guess that's not finance)
not very much coursework in stats, although I learned stuff on my own
lack of working experience
not very prestigious undergrad institution

Questions: What are the things I could do now to enhance my application? Specifically, do I need to take some finance/stats course online, like through Mooc?
What kind of school do I have a chance to get in?
Though not necessary by any means, I'd recommend looking into taking the first exam (i.e., Level 1) of the CFA Program. I think it'd provide a relatively comprehensive introduction to the most basic concepts in traditional finance that may benefit your preparation for an MFE/MSFM grad program.

Admittedly, I'm a bit biased, as I hold the CFA charter (full disc.)... anyways, just my two cents on the matter. Best of luck!