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Thanks for the extremely helpful post. Since it is always mentioned that soft skills, explanatory power, breaking things into simpler and intuitive aspect is more important than being a hardcore programmer. Soft skills for non-citizen is GMAT score, TOEFL, teaching experience, conference presentations?

Would a banker prefer someone (entry level) who was in backend programming - support vs someone who was in teaching + acad research finance, publishing research in top finance journals and aware about new theories of finance. How good is teaching and research at university useful vs supporting back end outsourced work?

If one has an option to work as RA/TA at a university vs working in Outsourced unit (top bank) which one should he/she choose?
Soft skills for an "international" student is being understandable and showing a existence of a personality. I'm amazed how many people don't have that, even if you restrict to the set of people with actual careers. But they generally aren't more than mediocre in their success.