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How to spend a gap year productively?


New Member
I'm taking the upcoming academic year off. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how best to spend the upcoming year. Are there any online classes that you recommend? any skills I should brush up on? Broadly, what should I focus my energy on in the coming year?

Right now, I'm preparing for the CFA Level I exam, which I hope to take in February. I'm also taking online classes in python and C++. Though I'm happy with the classes I'm taking, it still feels like a light load. How can I diversify/expand it?

Did you take a gap year during your undergraduate studies? What did you do? How did you structure your year? How did you beef up your resume? I will be happy to hear any stories that you have.

- Rising senior. Undergraduate Econ degree from a top 5 US college.
- 1 internship experience at a consulting firm.
- I hope to apply to an MFE or MFin program, after graduation.

Thank you!


Well-Known Member
the best way is to intern at couple legit places. just think about being a hiring manager looking at the following resumes and image who would you pick?
candidate a: passed cfa level 1 and studied python and c++ online
candidate b: interned at google remotely