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*looks at Claremont placement stats in quantnet table*

So is she among the lucky 11% that found a job?
Hello Apollo Chariot,

Lydia is actually a current student. Our program is 3 semesters long and we encourage students to find internship placements over the summer between their 2nd and 3rd semester. By then, our new job statistics should be up to reflect a more accurate representation of our program and push towards career outcomes.

In the meantime, we are in the middle of a campaign to continue promoting our students, staff, and faculty and the work that they do with a weekly post.

Thank you for your concern and feel free to message me if you have more questions,

Claremont Graduate University


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Yeah that sounds like a great idea. Having someone at the program do a weekly post on QuantNet is much more cost effective than say, hiring a dedicated placement director for the program, albeit it's much less beneficial for the students unfortunately.

You know, if I were a prospective student, I don't know what type of stuff I would have to smoke to even consider paying $80,000 tuition for a program that has an 11% placement rate in ANY single year, but I wish your program the very best.