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MIT MFin Interview invite?

Hey guys,

I'm from the middle east, and didn't get an invitation as of yet. My closest interview location is London. The email we received when we applied states we can expect to be invited up until the end of February but I wonder, if the final answers are at March 7th, when we can start thinking its too late.

Did anyone get an invitation from the middle east yet? Did anyone got an interview in London? Would be happy to hear some news, and good luck to everyone.


I'm applying from the States and haven't received an invite yet. Admissions blog says we will receive invite/reject by 12th Feb


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I am from Canada and received my on Campus interview notification on Wednesday. From what I saw initially there were 24 slots for on Campus interview.
Is there any chance that other candidates (like me from Boston) will receive invitation this week?

Sounds like I will have to apply next year...


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Didn't save the link cause I found those really typical ones like where do you see yourself in 5 years... Why finance... etc... But yeah... nothing that seem to be extraordinarily insightful...


I still haven't received an invite (from States) guessing there will be a lot of dings going out Friday!
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