Job Outlook For Buyside Software Developers 2022 And Beyond

TL;DR How can I become a front office software dev on the buyside and make oodles of money?

I'm a web developer but I'm looking to break into fintech or finance as a front office developer. My goal is to start at a shop and over the years transition from coder to deal-maker or at least work in a capacity where I get a cut of the pie like bankers, traders and principals do. I know quants get paid a lot but I'm not look to be a quant/MFE grad.

Is this even possible? Please don't reply saying no just because you haven't heard of it. If you don't think it's possible for specific reasons and can back it up, I'm open having to have my dreams crushed by an anonymous buyside MD on the internet. I know people who've gone from no-name "ibanks" to making $500k+ at a bulge bracket just by waiting it out over 10-15 years and collecting niche experience along the way.

My background: 35yr male. Non-target undergrad, Applied Mathematics B.S. I worked in a finance for about 4 years before in operations (Japanese bank) and as client service associate at JPM and UBS where I got my Series 7. My point is I know a little bit about the industry so when replying feel free to use jargon and acronyms. I should understand.

Afterwards I left to get into tech because my job was boring AF. But I want to get back into finance as a dev because I like the culture more than tech and the long term potential for $$$ is greater.

Thank you.