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Learn SQL

The ORDER BY date part sorts by time as well since the date column contains timestamp. You can add ORDER BY date ASC or ORDER BY date DESC to sort them by ascending or descending order.
Ah, right, otherwise BETWEEN UNIX_TIMESTAMP( wouldn't even make sense!

Yike Lu

Finder of biased coins.
I thought kdb+ is where all the database action is these days?
As much as I love kdb+, not everybody uses it due to its price tag. However, kdb+ does use a dialect of SQL, so the skills are transferable.

Edit: not only its price tag, but its very steep learning curve.

Yike Lu

Finder of biased coins.
It is its own dialect. But for example you can do things like:

select from table where date <= x;
select avg vlm by date from dailytrade;
delete from table where sym= x;

However one big difference is that update and delete work on both columns and rows, and that most of the operators reside within the language itself and extend beyond just tables, i.e., one can use intersection, within, in, except (set minus) using the generic data constructs of the language.

It is a relational algebra system built on top of a fully featured programming language. I hope to see more languages like this in the future (the Dee project for Python is supposed to be doing something similar).
I was going to take a class next semester that covers half VBA half SQL. But after seeing this thread, I am wondering if I should take the database course that covers SQL more thoroughly and learn VBA on my own. What do you think?
I would recommend Database Fundamentals class first, where you will learn basics of SQL.

You can learn anything on your own, if you can commit.
I would recommend Database Fundamentals class first, where you will learn basics of SQL.

You can learn anything on your own, if you can commit.
They are both intro level classes. I should have mentioned the first class covers about 50% of the material of the second.
Any good resources out there?

Also, I was just wondering if installing MySQL would be a better option than MS SQL for a beginner.

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Would you get Microsoft SQL Certified or Oracle Certified? Which would be better? I think Microsoft is offering 2012 SQL certification soon?
I thought about buying the Joe2Pro video and books from amazon. They seem highly reviewed.
Those vendor certifications don't prove a lot, except that you can answer the exam questions. Been there, done that.
ROI -> 0.