Looking for a financial engineer for an interview


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Hi, first of all thanks for taking the time to read this thread.

As i mentionned in the title i'm looking for a financial engineer to do an interview about their job. I'm currently in a IT bachelor degree in France and the administration have left us with a "professional project" where we need to interview of a profesionnal working in the topic we were given. So i need to do an interview about the job of "Financial engineer" and i didn't knew any so i looked up for a forum on the internet and here i am.

The interview should be 10min long and over a facecam conference but i can also go textuals intw.

Thanks for all and if you can help me please let me know and thanks again for your time.

PS : if you have any tips about wehere can i find a financial engineer willing to answer my questions i take it too.
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