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Masters in Financial Mathematics / Financial Engineering

I completed my UG with specilisation in finance. I have done some courses on mathematics. I have some research papers on pure mathematics(2). I am lost on how can a finance graduate get into this degree. Looking for some suggestions and recommendations.
Concepts i know: Calculus I,II,III, linear algebra, PDE and statistics
What level of statistics are you at?

An easy rule of thumb is to go to the websites for top programs and find their requirements.
You meet most of them, though I'm not sure how you got PDE without ODE. If stats involves some calculus based statistics then you have all the minimum pre-requisites for mathematics. You still need to learn how to code, the C++ courses and then the Python course here are good places to start. I will complete the first C++ course soon: it brought me from knowing nothing at all to around 2 years into the C++ portion of a good university degree.

But, do you have any work experience? You completed your UG, what are you doing now?