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CMU MSCF Mentioning Quantnet C++ Certification on MSCF Application

Dessembrae Ultor

Active Member
Apologies if this has been addressed already.
I have passed Quantnet's certificate course on C++ for Financial Engineering, and I want to mention it in my CMU MSCF application. But for that, I need clarification regarding the following information that is to be mentioned in the application:

  1. University offering this course (Should I mention Baruch, or is it more appropriate to write Quantnet here?)
  2. Course Title and Course Number (Course title can be written, but what would be the course number?)
  3. Grade received (Would simply providing the score suffice?)
Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

@Andy Nguyen

Andy Nguyen

Our course is pretty well-known and many CMU MSCF students have taken it over the years. The course is offered by the Baruch MFE program. There isn't any course number so you can skip it if optional. Since it's pass/fail course, it makes sense to provide the grade you received.
Good luck with your application.

Dessembrae Ultor

Active Member
Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, by grade, do you mean simply mention 'Pass', or mention the overall numerical score I received out of 100?

Thanks :)


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Hello, I have obtained the Quantnet's C++ for Financial Engineering certificate, and I'd like to mention it in my Cornell MFE application, the information that needs to be filled out is the picture above.
1." Course name" is "C++ Programming for Financial Engineering"? I think "Course catalog number" should be skipped as mentioned in the forum
2. "University where course was completed" is "Baruch MFE program"?
3. What should I input for the "Term Completed" and "Credit Hours"?

Thank you, and apologies if this question has been solved before.
@Andy Nguyen