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MFE Math Prereq for Economics Background

Hi, I'm from Hong Kong and I've got a quite awkward background lol:

Bachelor (1st class) and MPhil in Economics from HK's top 3 university
5 yrs research and investment exp across hedge fund, crypto and DeFi industry
Currently taking a career break, I'm planning to apply for MFE and some DS-related masters programs in UK and Europe by the end of this year/early next year

I’ve graduated quite a few yrs ago, and I regret that didn’t take any courses offered by the math department back then. Some math and stat content has been scattered through the courses I’ve taken (all got A/A- grades):

Econ Math Method II (ug) (covering some multivariable calculus; Math I fulfilled through high school courses)
Methods of Economic Statistics (ug)
Econometrics (ug)
Forecasting Method (ug) (time series)
Applied Regression Analysis (ug)
Math Econ (ug) (covering some elementary real analysis applicable to econ theory)
Quant Method Review (pg) (bootcamp course for math applicable to econ theory)
Econometric Theory I-II (pg)
Micro and Macro Theory (pg)

Now I’m trying to take 3 math courses: I’ll do real analysis 1 and linear algebra on JHU online and differential equations on UIUC Net Math. Do the added-up math and stat content look sufficient for top UK programs like oxford mcf? I dun really have high hopes for programs that specifically state math/phy majors as entry requirements. And is a formal probability course a must in my case? (supposed to be a pre-req for my pg econometrics lol) It looks quite necessary.

Hi @jedi
I too am in a similar boat. I will be applying for fall'24 programs. I am sharing here what I am doing to have enough maths in my profile. Maybe it can help.
I have bachelors in mechanical engineering and 4 years of work ex writing software for brokerage platforms.

Courses which I have covered during my engineering are - real analysis, linear algebra, ode, pde, calculus 1/2/3, complex analysis. My grades were B-/B+
So my plan is to - (in order of priority)
1. gre maths subject test - booked the slot for first week of November
- (this covers all major pre-req topics and few others which are not pre-req per se like abstract algebra, combinatorics.)
2. calculus bases probability - mit mfe specifically states this as a pre-req
- baruch pre mfe (40 slots) or any other mooc if slot gets filled (mit ocw has a good course on it)
- this starts in mid oct for next admission cycle
3. Lastly, if time permits, I will do a certification course on real analysis because I didn't had good grades in this particular course.
- if i get good score in gre maths subject test (>85%ile), then I will be definitely skipping this.

And I don't think stats courses are a pre-requisite for mfe programs. All the tops us programs do not have it on the website. I am not so sure about the programs in europe though. maths and programming are the two major pre-req.
Hope this helps.
Hey there I was wondering how you guys got on in the end? I have intentions of applying to Imperial Math Fin and want to gauge my chances. Do you know anyone from that course who got in with this sort of background?
Hey there I was wondering how you guys got on in the end? I have intentions of applying to Imperial Math Fin and want to gauge my chances. Do you know anyone from that course who got in with this sort of background?
Hey there, I'm also waiting for the results and I think my chances are slim for the top ones lol While my referees, who all have HYPSM-tier phds, say that I should have no problem studying any of the top programs, I think my inadequate coursework hurts in terms of admission. It seems for most UK programs the determining factors are still your school and coursework, and work exp may help more for getting into US programs. Still, I think it doesn't hurt taking the lottery, and, if possible, you may also ask your referees to stress more on the math and quant components of your coursework.