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Toronto MathFin MMF University of Toronto 2012 -Entrance Exam

They have started sending individual reject emails, sigh. I asked Janesh, he told me that they sent him a rejection letter
Most people seems to get admission within 1 or 2 days after interview, I don't know if they have a wait list? seems like my chance is so slim
yes. I just want to know the decision no matter what it is. waiting is such a pain. I think if you dont get any news from them after your interview you are very likely on the waitinglist.
any more news? admit/reject? btw those who are not attending please notify that office fast so that to clear the wait for others. Sometime i just wish they send us a rejection fast so that we don't have to have some hope and focus on other plan, if they don't want to admit just downright reject, that will be better