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MTH 4100 Linear Algebra and Matrix Methods Class Notes

Wed, Nov 12, 2008

notes attached.

  • Effect of Line Operations on Determinants
(Thank you Mariya for the notes!)


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Better late than never, and in the interest of completion, the remaining notes are attached.

  • 11/17 Effect of Elementary Row Ops on Determinants: Review.
  • 11/24 Determinants: Review; Cramer's Rule.
  • 12/01 Properties of Vector Space Ops; Dot Product, Norm and Distance.
  • 12/03 Properties of Vector Spaces, Vector Subspaces.
  • 12/08 Linear Combination; Dependence/Independence; Basis.
  • 12/10 Proof of Vector Space Properties; Standard Basis; Linear Transformations; Characteristic (Eigen-) vectors and values.


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