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Nasdaq TotalView ITCH data feed?

I am interested in a (non-professional) subscription to the raw ITCH data feed. Any idea of brokers that resell this?

I found this list, but I'd rather check here first before sending ~100 emails to brokerages.

I actually opened an Interactive Brokers account as they listed TotalView as one of their data subscription services, however, they only return market depth via the API as you request it-- it isn't streaming, and it isn't really the ITCH feed I want.


Director, Wasserman Trading Floor/Subotnick Center
Are you at Baruch College? If so we subscribe to the raw ITCH feed and have a few year's of data we can work with. If not, you might try EssezRadez (also known as Trading Physics). Art has most of the major depth of market equity feeds. Let me know if you have questions.


Rich H.