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Need Advise Non-Traditional Candidate per say


New Member
Hi I am current a junior studying sociology with a minor in accounting and is really interested to pivot into quant side of finance with a MSFE degree. I definitely qualify for the MSF programs which is more Coperate-finance orientated.

Here is my background:
Undergraduate Institution: UCLA Major Sociology, Minor Accounting
GPA: 3.65
GRE score: V161 Q169 W5
Math courses: Calculus to Linear linear algebra, upper division stats and probability
Programming classes: 4 class in total, C++ and python

My main concern is that even tho I fulfill the pre-requisite for most of the programs according to their individual websites, am i at some notion of disadvantages?
Appreciate any input maybe from your classmates or people you know who have a similar background as me! Definitely will be applying to MSFE programs and uses MSF as back-up school.

Thanks in advance.

Matt A

Active Member
Change "advise" to "advice". Remove "per say" from the title altogether.

As per your question, yes you have an unusual background. Are there any finance-related projects that you have worked on? Including something like that could go a long way in your application.