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I'm looking for a partner to start a firm with. I have a strategy that yields 20% per year (passively) with unlimited amounts of capital. I want an algorithm to invest in this strategy and trade automatically for an extra 15%. If you're interested please let me know.
Meaning the strategy doesn't diminish as you increase the capital allotted to it. Since some strategies can only handle a few million, etc.
You expect to solicit a partner to "start a firm" by posting to a public forum? Poor sense on your part in my opinion.

That aside, supposing the claim for your strategy is true and can yield 20% passively (to say this is a far-fetched assumption is an understatement), and you have no upper limit as far as how much capital the strategy can tolerate, WHY would you want a partner exactly?

My two cents!
Your strategy is passive and you want to convert it into an active strategy? Yeah let me dump a bunch of capital into an unproven system.

Also the claim that your strategy has no affect on liquidity is outrageous.

Lastly, why not take a bunch of personal loans at 10% interest and 'use' your system to make 15%.