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Please Judge my Profile, for MFE/MFin

Hi all, really appreciate if you could give some advices on how I can improve my profile for 2024 applications.

My Background:

Education: NYU Senior, Econ + Politics double major. have finished all graduation requirements. about to declare another major in math.

Current GPA: 3.86/4.0; Major GPA: 4.0/4.0

GRE: 330. Q 167, a bit low, will take another shot.

Relevant Coursework :
1. Math/Statistics: ALL A, Cal 1-3, Probability and Statistics (This semester), Linear Algebra (A), Time Series Forecasting (this semester), Econometrics (A, ranked no.1 in this class) , Stats for Bus/finance (A), Quant Research methods for Politics (Mainly use R and STATA).

Taking ACFE at Baruch Pre MFE program now. will do Prob & NLA next semester.

Will take Real Analysis, ODE, optimization/math modeling/numerical analysis next semester.

2. Economics: ALL A,Micro, Macro, Intermediate Micro and Macro, Development Economics, Public Economics, Trade economics, Political Economy; a PhD advanced macro policy course taught by a nobel Laureate

Will take another 2 PhD course focusing on financial econometrics and macro next semester.

3. CS/Programming: Didn't take any courses. But I'm proficient in R, Python, Matlab, and STATA with both professional and research experiences.

4.Corporate Finance: Operation Management (A), Financial Accounting (A), Foundations of Finance (B+)

5. Unrelated: a bunch of politics courses including game theory.

Experience: Summer Analyst at a Budge Bracket IB in HK (w return offer). Summer Analyst at MS IBD (No return). Fortune 500 Intern.

Research: All Python, Econ Honor thesis; RA at Stern on time series; 1 DS RA (did some machine learning stuff)

Extracurriculars: Student Athlete (Inactive starting this semester). Tutor in econ and Poli sci.

Languages (with coursework): Python, R, STATA, Matlab.

Target School: (applying to other Applied econ/politics Masters as well)

MIT Mfin
Yale AM
Columbia MAFN
Uchicago MSFM
Cornell MFE

1. Given few courses taken in Math/Cs, does my profile look competitive comparing to other candidates? I'm really trying my best to make up for it, but dk whether it's gonna help or not.

2. Do I need to take some courses in CS/DS next semester? NYU CS only teaches JAVA in beginning/interm courses (Python in really high level courses).

3. I'm really tired of IBD and extremely interested in Macro and financial markets. Want land a role either in SnT, AM, HF (not matter as long as market facing). Any other programs that I would have a chance to get in and help to land in one of those roles? Do I have a chance for Princeton MFIN?

Really appreciate for your advices.
You target MIT MFin, Yale AM so may as well apply to Columbia MSFE (Financial Economics). I see that your interest is a bit broader than most MFE applicants.

Taking a C++ course and doing well will prep you for the MFE courseworks. After the C++, take the Python course here. It's the perfect course for you.
The Baruch pre-MFE courses are really intense and excellent preparation. You get a really good sense of how intense the workload is. Multiply it several times and then add in time spent on internship search, interview preps. All in all, a good way to have a feel of how you perform in a real MFE program.