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Profile evaluation for MFE 2022

Hi folks, would request critical assessment of my chances of
(a) getting into a top rated MFE/MS Fin course (Baruch, UC Berkley, Columbia, Princeton, MIT etc)
(b) getting a good job offer after graduation given my 14Y work experience (Age 37Y)

My background:
- Bachelors in Electronics Engg from IIT (top tier college in India) - A grade in all the quantitative/Math courses. Had done some programming in C/C++ as well (I'd say Intermediate level)
- MBA from IIM (amongst top 2 business schools in India) - 100 percentile in quant aptitude in the entrance exam. overall CGPA wasnt great (~2.8/4 as I didnt pay much attention to the marketing/HR courses. However have an ‘A’ grade in International Finance, Financial Derivatives, Quantitative Methods, Econometrics amongst others while topping some of them in a competitive class

14 years work experience from a bulge bracket US bank in Mumbai in a front office Sales & structuring role. Well versed in derivatives (FX/Rates/Equities) from a front office perspective and have a very good intuitive understanding of these
- Initially started out in structuring dealing in vanilla/exotic derivative products and did python programming in monte carlo pricers to price derivatives
- over the years, as markets changed, moved to a primarily sales role (& some structuring) and have dealt with large Indian/MNC corporate & institutional clients with respect to their FX & rates hedging/risk management/trading/arbitrage activity etc
- have a good macro understanding of markets along with experience of fundamental/technical analysis of these
- Am close to becoming a Director and am managing a small team currently (even though I understand managerial experience may not be of much use?)

I was always quant oriented during my undergrad/MBA time and was keen on getting into finance roles which were quant/Math heavy. however there weren't too many roles at that time here in India & over the years, i kept drifting further away

From a grade/Money perspective, i would be actually taking a few steps back by pursing a Masters now but I am willing to pursue my passion and think Long term. I do think i have a good amount of career left :). I would also like to know if my work experience would count against me when it comes to finding job opportunities

My current knowledge of the Math/programming would be a little bit hazy given its been many years but I don't see this a problem if I was to do a few refresher courses

I also haven't given GMAT yet but i am confident of scoring 100% in quant and a high overall score ( maybe 740/750+)
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