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Profile Evaluation

Hi all,

Let me start off by apologizing for posting another one of these profile evaluation threads. Reason I'm adding to the pile is that I find my situation a tad peculiar and unrelated to other evaluation posts I've sifted through.

I am a US national. For the first 2.5 years of my academic career, I studied marketing at a European University. Marketing never felt like the right fit for me, but I powered through it for the love of my life and friends abroad. I simultaneously took intro to probability and statistics (marketing stats) along with a market research class, which introduced me to the data science world and I immediately realized I wanted to pursue a career in something quantitative. When COVID hit, I used it as an excuse to come home and transfer to my city's university, and since have been completing a BA in economics with a minor in maths. I discovered quant finance from personal research, and have become increasingly interested as it appears to be the holy trinity of mathematics, programming and domain knowledge.

I will be applying to masters programs this fall (2022)
My credentials:

School: Low-ranked, mid-size state school
Degree: BA Economics minor Mathematics (3.87/4.00)
GRE: Have not taken it yet. Scheduled to do so in 3 months
Experience: 1 internship unrelated to quant finance (working with python)
Publications: None. Although, I have been working on a research project with my econometrics professor for the past 6 months with hopes of having it published before December.
Extracurriculars/other: President of the Economics Club, awarded 3 major scholarships within the business school and Econ department, active in research paper competitions

Concerning maths coursework, I have taken the calc sequence, linear algebra, mathematical programming, logic and proof, ODE, and intro to prob and stat. For economics, I've completed intermediate micro and macro, game theory, econometrics, and a slew of other Econ electives. I have not made anything other than an A in those classes.

Taking mathematical stats, numerical analysis, and an Econ elective in the fall which will fulfill my degree requirements.

I think I can write a killer SOP, and I'm sure I can get some good or decent letters of recommendation. I'm really concerned about what admissions personnel are going to think of me coming out of a no-name state school. Do I have any shot at the top MFE/math fin programs? i.e NYU Courant/Tandon, UChicago MSFM, Columbia MFE, UCLA MFE, CMU etc.?

Sorry for ranting, but could anyone please evaluate whether or not me attending one of these school is a total pipe dream? Or maybe offer some guidance as to how I could bolster my profile. Thanks so much in advance.
Any CS coursework? Assuming mathematical programming is an optimization course.

Don’t be concerned regarding coming from a no-name state school. I did my undergrad at a California state university, arguably one of the worst, and did just fine with admits—CMU MSCF, Columbia financial engineering, etc.

Really focus on weaving into your statement of purpose:
(i) why quantitative finance
(ii) what your strengths are and what your background is lacking and how the program will bolster your strengths and reinforce your weakness(es) (mention specific classes you plan to take!)
(iii) show that you have spent time thinking about what “kind” of quant you want to be (research vs. trading vs. risk vs. etc.) and what product(s) you want to specialize in (equity derivatives vs. credit vs. etc.), bonus, in my opinion, if you mention a couple firms you have researched that stand out to you (don’t mention generic names)

Your profile seems fine to me. Dedicate yourself to the application process and you should get an admit from at least one of the names you listed. Good luck!